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Availability : Early 2019

Short Biography : After gigging in the UK in the 80's I started working professionally as a musician in 1990 taking up a Summer residency in Albufeira, Portugal ( approx 160 gigs per Summer ) in a very busy bar which lasted for the next 18 years.

In 1992 I first worked a ski season in Austria, Mayrhofen, playing in Hotel Strass ( approx 80 gigs per Winter ) and have been asked to return every year since then. 

Both of these towns are very intense, high traffic tourist resorts.

I have also visited Holland on a regular basis in Spring and Autumn since 1991, and have now done over 1000 gigs in that country alone.

A video with highlights from the 1000th gig is below.

Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland are also countries where I'm invited to perform.

Downloadable pdf(s) of the Songs and Instrumental tunes I would usually use to play my three hour sets are below. 

Repertoire Songs - pdf

Repertoire Instrumentals - pdf

HD Photos


My repertoire is easily big enough to accommodate many tastes and atmospheres, also I don't read whilst playing, the gigs are very spontaneous and I'm standing throughout the performance. All very visual and engaging. Below is a media player with one of my live albums which showcases the kind of reaction I can get in a party atmosphere.

Brian Cristopher Live Vol 1


  1. is she really going out with him Brian Christopher 5:04
  2. leaving on a jetplane Brian Christopher 5:25
  3. the boxer Brian Christopher 5:29
  4. let it be Brian Christopher 4:11
  5. american pie Brian Christopher 7:17
  6. country roads Brian Christopher 5:01
  7. weather with you Brian Christopher 3:22
  8. california dreamin' Brian Christopher 3:03
  9. wild rover Brian Christopher 3:10
  10. summer loving Brian Christopher 3:44
  11. la bamba Brian Christopher 4:53
  12. grandmas feather bed Brian Christopher 3:19
  13. fire Brian Christopher 2:53
  14. psychokiller Brian Christopher 4:19
  15. het is een nacht Brian Christopher 3:44
  16. hey jude Brian Christopher 7:33


My guitar style is very full sounding, and is based on blues, classical and jazz technique, all fused into the rock and pop songs I cover. This enables me to play tunes a lot of Singer/Guitarist's wouldn't usually attempt.

Here's a clip from a Mayrhofen gig.

"Englishman in New York"

Here's an interview with me in the popular Alpine Magazine APRESSKI


As well as the loud party type gigs I'm equally as comfortable in calmer settings, such as Restaurants or Cocktail Bars, playing ballads, either with vocal accompaniment or as instrumentals.

Here's one of my more relaxed albums, and a video of some solo guitar.

Brian Cristopher Live Vol 4

  1. Shape of My Heart Brian Cristopher 3:59
  2. Big Love Brian Cristopher 3:05
  3. Take It Easy Brian Cristopher 3:29
  4. Norwegian Wood Brian Cristopher 2:42
  5. Message in a Bottle Brian Cristopher 3:36
  6. Lonely Boy Brian Cristopher 2:54
  7. Angels Brian Cristopher 3:54
  8. Drifter'S Wife Brian Cristopher 1:55
  9. Annie'S Song Brian Cristopher 2:32
  10. Through the Barricades Brian Cristopher 4:27
  11. No Surrender Brian Cristopher 3:43
  12. Wonderful Tonight Brian Cristopher 4:21

Brian Cristopher Solo Guitar


  1. Blue Moon Brian Cristopher 3:18
  2. If I only had a Brain Brian Cristopher 2:37
  3. Cavatina Brian Cristopher 3:35
  4. Bicycle Song Brian Cristopher 2:50
  5. Yesterday Brian Cristopher 2:25
  6. Sunshine of my Life Brian Cristopher 2:47
  7. Somewhere over the Rainbow Brian Cristopher 2:10
  8. Variation on a theme by H.H. Brian Cristopher 1:13
  9. Romanza Brian Cristopher 2:54
  10. Study for Guitar in Em Brian Cristopher 3:12

I hope that gives you an idea of what I am about as a professional musician. You can find some

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I'm looking to expand my horizons in 2019 and hopefully we can arrange something .

Thanks for your time.