You can book an exclusive personal gig in your own home


Lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 have left us all at loose ends, and as a musician, all my scheduled gigs had to be cancelled...

If you love playing guitar and entertaining, that's really not a good situation to be in.

So, I decided to do some online "Covid Concerts" for fun, which turned out to be much more popular than I could have imagined! Such a success, in fact, that viewers from over 19 countries tune in every week, turning their living rooms into a private pub gig.

The Saturday night eGig has become something to look forward to not only for me, but for many others who love and miss live music.

After 17 Gigs from home, we’ve reached a whopping...

45,000 Views - 17,762 Comments - 3342 Likes - 290 Shares

( I've now done over 100 !!! )      checkout YouTube

Seeing how much viewers at home enjoy these gigs, stopping them is out of the question! I have so much fun during these gigs that limiting them to Saturday nights at 8pm also seems like a waste of potential "fun" time. The pandemic may cause restrictions, but nothing can stop live music...


If you‘re planning a party at home with family and friends in the coming months, maybe a Summer BBQ, and want some live music to spice up the vibe, just let me music is only a message away!

Any day of the week, any time of the day - my regular gigs have been cancelled until the Autumn Holland tour in October, so I’m happy to play anytime. There's also no fixed or pre-organised fee, just donate what you want after the eGig.

These online live music sessions are private - I’ll only share the video stream with you (and whoever you want to share it with). All you need is a Facebook account and a decent screen - turn up the volume and it’s party time!

Music makes the world go round, so if you know someone who might like this idea, please share it to help spread the word.

For bookings, just message me and we’ll sort it all out. I really look forward to the private eGigs for those who dare to break the rules and try something new!